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  • Trippy Treatment


    Amidst much controversy, New York University is undertaking experiments to test the application of psychedelic mushrooms to treat anxiety surrounding mortality for cancer patients. As one would imagine, a cancer diagnosis is likely to cause much anxiety given the long… Read More ›

  • Workforce Diversification? Yes, but how?


    Obama Care has started to kick in and coverage is being extended to millions who do not have what John Schmidt and Janelle Jones (2012) call “good jobs”–those that pay a living wage, offer full-coverage insurance, as well as retirement… Read More ›

  • Smarter Sentencing Act: Not smart enough

    revolving door

    The prison system in the United States has come under global scrutiny over the past year, with media coverage surrounding issues from hunger strikes to the abuses of solitary confinement and most recently, botched state-sanctioned executions.  Joining the international polemic,… Read More ›

  • Translational Health Disparities Course

    header_disp course

    Greetings! The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities is offering an innovative course on health inequity this summer from August 11-August 22, 2014 in Bethseda, Maryland. Applications are due on May 22nd! Apply soon!   Below is information… Read More ›

  • Geographic Distribution of Surgical Disparities Research


    At the bequest of the American College of Surgeons, we have been in the process of aggregating the published research regarding disparities in surgical care and sorting our findings according to publishing date, categories, and region. After my supervisor and… Read More ›

  • Inaugural Issue of the Health Disparities Pulse Newsletter


    The NIH has release the first of what is to be a quarterly newsletter dedicated to health disparities. Keep up with them on their website where you will find the newsletter and many other resources!

  • Dying for a Menthol?

    dying for a menthol

    Earlier this week, I had a speaker come to one of my classes to talk about smoking dynamics of African Americans/Blacks in Baltimore. Something pervasively stereotyped in pop-culture and in other venues more generally is this notion that African American’s… Read More ›

  • Place vs. Space: Coevolutionary relationship between structure and practice

    central park

    After what has been an admittedly long hiatus, I am writing another blog. Hopefully the infrequency doesn’t continue into the future, but it is partly time and partly inspiration. In this case, short on the first, I just got a… Read More ›

  • Medicalization of Human Cognition and Creativity


    “They schools ain’t teaching us what we need to know to survive, They schools don’t educate, all they teach the people is lies” -They Schools by Dead Prez   Under this week’s papers, we had posted a new article that… Read More ›